Born in Milan, 1982.

Graduated from the Milan University.

Member of the Milan Bar since 2009.
tel 02.58305271
fax 02.36539439
After obtaining a Master on Tourism Economy at Bocconi University and completing a considerable experience in the domain of air transport law, also as counsel to national carriers, he has obtained a PhD in admiralty and aviation law at the Milan-Bicocca State University. He is also now actively collaborating with the Chair of Admiralty law at the same University as assistant professor.

As a lawyer he is currently achieving a wide experience on consumers’ protection, medical responsibility and brokerage and distribution, with specific reference to the insurance domain.

He is author of various publications and articles on subjects concerning navigation law and he is also the curator of the Codice della navigazione and Codice dei Trasporti, published by Alphatest in 2013.

Cura del Codice dei Trasporti, Ed. Alphatest, 2013

Cura del Codice della Navigazione, Ed. Alphatest, 2013.

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